Atif Tube

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Deploying The Resources

At NYFA (LA Campus) I studied the power of Cross Media penetration. In the age of New Media- the resources are available to most of us. Now the question remains what combo do we use and what media do we choose to present our offering. And then comes the message to engage our target audience.


This is is the scale we need to balance and gauge our forward activation. It may sound simple but since it is at everyone's disposal and discretion- it has become rather complicated. Yet, again if we reciprocate our video potential in its right essence then it is not hard to get the share of mind and heart of your target audience- this is the strategy we need to back our creativity. Lack of each, would make it all- fall apart.


In the studio you will find all that is required to get it done. With green screen to white background- you will find all that's possible.


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